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    Hello we love ducks and have finally decided on Muscovies! My kids do 4h and would love to show ducks at the poultry shows as well as their chickens. We are looking for someone who is breeding with breed standards in mind. I see lots of ads for meat ducks, but nothing about standards or temperment. Could you point us in the right direction? We live in town and can not keep more than two so we would like to make sure we are being wise and search out quality. I would love to find chocolate, or lavender. We will not be investing in an incubator and can not house a drake at the moment, which I know cuts our options by a lot! Any help greatly appreciated! :)
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    Lavender and silver are not in the standard and therefore not currently a good candidate for showing. How old are the children? Muscovies are a wonderful bird but they do have some serious claws and are powerful, therefore can be difficult for smaller children to handle. A drake packs some serious power. I live in WA and raise muscovies for show, but the only thing I have available at the moment is silver young drakes and a pet quality 2 year old silver female, so not good candidates for showing. There may be some muscovies for sale at the Chehalis, WA Feather Fanciers show this upcoming week. I am showing some, but not currently bringing any for sale. If you are able, you should come check out the show!
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    Somehow I got things mixed I thought they were a heavy breed and not a good flyer. Now I hear they fly well, so not for us.

    Need a non flyer. Our magpies use to swoop the yard but only 3f off he ground. All the googling is boggling my brain!
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    My drakes don't fly (I think they're too big). I have one solid black young drake (hatched spring 2012) from nice lines--I was going to keep him but I need the space for my silvers.

    If you're interested, I will be going to Portland @ Christmas and could drop him off somewhere along the way. I'd take $20 for him.

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