Wanted-NC area- Livestock guarding puppies

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    Anybody close to North carolina or willing to ship. I already have a 14 (yes fourteen) year old female boxer that other than latley, has done a very good job of guarding. She has since, gone partially blind so i am looking to put her in retirement and get her a replacement so she can just lay in the sun and sleep if she wants. [​IMG]

    Not particular to any breed, just want something that will roam and keep watch. If you have a female/male puppy that you would be willing to part with, then send me a PM or an e-mail at [email protected], with some pics, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a blessed day.
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    Dang-it Why could you be closer...I have Great Pyr.s. puppies right now..They will be ready to leave 2/22/09.
    I have a thread on here somewhere with some pictures of them. Unfortunately I can't ship them. If I did the prices would be outta there and I can't justify that.....Do you know anyone coming to Wisconsin anytime soon??? Or even a truck drive that might be coming up this way, maybe they could bring you one back.... hint hint [​IMG]
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    Aug 6, 2008
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    i have an Austrailian cattle dog........we had to teach him persistantly not to nip.... he is so protective of his kids and chickens. As he has gotten older he has mellowed and now is one of the best dogs to have on a farm. The breed is very neat and if you look up Healers or Austrailian cattle dog they are interesting to read about, the type of dog that is born for the job:)

    We had him fixed but a neat breed to look into.
  4. Orpingtonman

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    Wish i could come up there and get apyr pup but due to going out to sea regularly, im unable to unless they are close.
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