Wanted Nipple water systems


Wanna-be Farmer
11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
I want to set up most of my birds on a nipple system. I have so many different coops that in some cases I wont use the same set up. I know I can make these, but I am treating myself. I have had a few auctions and have some money in my paypal and frankly and too busy right now planning my trip and trying to start my seeds and prepare for spring that I have not had the time to deal with it myself.

So show me a pic of what you offer and price if you have some.


Oh I would love something that can easily be hung and is all contained, I have an avian mister thing and do not like it as it is very hard to hang anywhere. I would like some to hold at least a gallon of water.
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Pullus Parvus
10 Years
Aug 16, 2009
West Virginia
We got our pushin nipples waterers from Randall Burkey- I think they cost about $1.50 each- and we hang 5 gallon lidded buckets (3 nipples each) from the ceiling in the coop. We are sold on the nipple waterers!!

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