WANTED: olive eggers!

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  1. coloradoquail

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    Aug 14, 2013
    I'm new to posting and I am in search of some olive eggers. I can't seem to find anyone setting eggs now or early in the year, but I would be willing to pay in advance for a custom hatch.

    I tried to post in the classifieds, but was unable...so I am hoping that this call for chicks isn't outside of the forum guidelines.

    Let me know if you have got some chicks coming up! Thank you!
  2. popsicle

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    I think you might have better luck posting a "wanted" ad over in the classified section--whichever one best matches what age you're looking for.

    Otherwise, I recently saw that Meyer Hatchery is now offering Olive Eggers--looks like the earliest they'd be available is March.

    ETA: sorry, re-read that you couldn't post in the classifieds, I guess I originally thought you meant your local classifieds.
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  3. fosterson

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    Another, perhaps quicker way, is to find the Colorado residents' thread and ask there if anyone has em. Theoretically, anyone with hens that lay blue or green eggs and a rooster from a brown egg breed can make olive eggers, but those with Black Copper Marans sires apparently have really dark eggs.

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