Wanted or Trade: Offering TSC gift card. Many things wanted for my new farm!

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  1. Hey there! Just getting my farm up and running this month! Ordered two big barns that need some birds! Here's a list of what I'm looking for:

    - Black Rosecomb Rooster
    - Red-Breasted Rosecomb rooster
    - RIR bantam rooster
    - Black NN rooster
    - Blue frizzle or blue amaraucana hen
    - silver campine, fayoumi or silver pencilled hamburg rooster
    - breeding pair of brown amaraucanas
    - Brown EE rooster
    - Partridge silkie bantam rooster
    - White silkie bantam - Breeding pair or rooster
    - ANY guineas you've got!
    - Black Crested Black polish Bantam rooster
    - Plymouth barred rock rooster
    - brown leghorn rooster

    Things I want to have!:

    - Mandarin ducks
    - Crested ducks
    - Guinea of any kind!
    - Quail of any kind!
    - Hatching eggs of any kind!

    I have a $29.09 Tractor Supply Gift Card I will trade for multiple birds or I will pay cash! Please help out! Our farm needs some more birds!


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