Wanted:PIC of Dark Cornish X White Laced Red Cornish

I searched it and I found this one. It seems like this what it could look like.

The Cicken calculator says 50% black patterned red incomplete laced and 50% white patterned red incomplete laced.

So some will look like a single laced black and some will look like not really great marked WLR.
It will be interesting for sure. I almost sold the WLRC hens but their patterns really started to develop after 5 months and they have turned out really pretty; so I decided to keep them and breed them to my dark Cornish roo.
when you cross these two you will get a deeper red in the WLR but you will end up with doulbe lacing and pooer lacing however if you are breeding for WLR you recover the lacing in a couple of genrerations. THe bird above is a Juliee bird that is the same as a dark cornish where the black is replaced by white.

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