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  1. Mrs MIA

    Mrs MIA Chick Magnet

    Mar 3, 2008
    BYC Seller Feedback Form

    Result page of all feedback left

    Please use this form to provide feedback... this thread may be closed soon...

    **Update** to sort through BYC sellers by the birds they raise/sell, check out this thread ...LinckHillPoultry as a wonderful list going that is sorted by species and breed...

    As someone that has had a close call with a scammer offering to sell me eggs, I thought it would be wonderful if we had one thread that people could leave testimonials on their experiences with the sellers here on BYC. Hopefully this will help those of us that are fairly new here find honest, reputable sellers that actually send what they say they are going to send.


    DISCLAIMER - Just because someone is on this list does not 100% guarantee you will have a favorable transaction. To locate specific feedback, do a search for the person's username in the "Everything else BST" forum. Select "message text only", and list as "posts" (not topics). This should bring up posts in that sections that mention that person. There may be other posts - you may have to weed a little - to see what others have posted about the seller.


    If you were the unfortunate victim of a scammer, we don't want to hear about it here. Sorry. This is not a place to complain... only good stuff is allowed here. If you contact/are contacted by someone that is not mentioned here, it is highly recommended that you do some more checking before sending payment.

    2) Please keep it simple - state what you ordered, and a brief description of your experience. If you ordered eggs, let us know what your hatching rate was, if possible.

    I've seen, just today, a couple of glowing reports on a couple of sellers quite by accident. One has led me to securing my place in line for some eggs, only because this person HAS had positive feedback from others, and their birds are beautiful. Please help us newbies out!
    Did someone bend over backwards to help you get the chicks/eggs you wanted?
    Did they do right by you if your eggs didn't make it in one piece?
    Did you have a spectacular hatch rate, or end up with beautiful show-quality birds unexpectedly? Post pictures if you'd like. We wanna see!

    Thank you ~ I hope this gets around, cuz I'm always scoping out good eggs, both poultry and human! [​IMG]

    *******Updated listing of wonderful sellers on BYC!********
    Name (# Kudos) breeds

    4HChickenmom (1)
    4hchknmama (1) Welsummerxmarans
    92Caddy (Ed) (10) goose (Pomeranian), La Fleche, Turken
    AbedsAviary (1)
    Adkins90 (1)
    ae50mag (Frank) (11) Serama
    AK_Button_Mama (3) Coturnix quail
    Alaskanhenhouse (Terrisa) (1) Marans
    Allaboutdemchicks (2) serama, sizzle, BO
    Amyquilt (2) Fabric
    Angi_H (1) Coturnix quail
    ArabiansR2Cool (3) White Leghorns
    Arlee453 (1) Peacock?
    Asher (3) Australian spotted eggs, bantam cochins
    AussieSharon (9) leg bands, turkens, welsummer, bantam leghorn, bantam barred rock, coturnix
    Backswampgirl (1) Cayuga
    Baldie (1) bantam cochin, Hamburgs
    Bamachicken (Julie) (33) Silkies (Black/White/Buff/Blue/Splash), Orpingtons (Blue/black/splash), RIRs
    Bantychickmom (5) JG, bantam cochin, Polish
    Bantyman (4) Salmon Faverolles
    Bargain (17) EE, speckled sussex, Buff orps, RIR, BC Marans
    Barnyard (Tiffany) (3) BLRW, BR
    Bec (1) Delaware
    Bee (1)
    Behable (Alvin) (3) serama
    Big Blue (2) Jersey Giants
    Bigokie37 (1) chicks
    Birdnutz (1) duck, goose
    Bishopschickens (3) BCMs, Wyandotte, grey japs, Buff Brahmas
    Bitty Girl (1) Silkie, quail
    Bleenstar (1) Kefir grains
    BlissChick (Stacey) (4)
    Bloomnbeauty (6) Bourbon Red turkey, Barred Rocks, Dominiques, EE's, Barnyard mixed
    Blondie (1)
    Bluedog (1) OEG
    BluRoo (1) Sumatra
    Bobbieguyette (1)
    Bodyflight (Dawn) (2)
    Boggybottombantams (1)
    Briarpatchfarms (1) Silkies, Sultans, Dutch
    Brintons (1) turkey (bourbon red & black Spanish)
    BrokeDownRanch (4) Sebastopol geese
    Bsaffles (1)
    Buck Creek Chickens (2) Black Lanshans
    BuckeyeDave (2 Buckeyes
    Buddy Henry (TN) (1)
    Bugladyleah (7) Japanese, Silkies, Cochins, EEs and Mille Fleur
    Burntumber (2) Showgirls
    Buster (Jared) (3) Speckled sussex
    Buzzard chick (2) BLRW
    Cara (1) BBS/LF Orpingtons
    Carole AM (Carole) (7) turken, turkey, silver laced polish
    Catcobb1983 (1) Coturnix quail
    Cheepchick (Linda) (2)
    Chellester (4) d¡¦Uccle, Silkie
    Cherdon712 (1) mille fleur d¡¦uccle
    Chickbator (1) white leghorn
    Chickfever (1) Silkies
    Chickn (4) Sultans
    Chicken7777 (1) Pekin
    ChickenHawk (1)
    Chickenlisa (4) duck, EE cross
    ChickenWhisperer (1) hens
    Chickenzoo (4) silkies, frizzle and Millies
    Chickychee (1)
    chickygirl2 (1) Sebastopol, dewlap toulouse
    chicluver (1)
    Chrimson Rose (1) Dwarf pomegranate tree
    Chris Dean (1)
    Citalk2much (1) Button quail
    corancher (Ann) (13) BBS Orpingtons, Barnevelders, Buckeyes, Delawares, Andulusians, Turkeys & Guineas
    CoreyNC (1)
    Cottage Rose (Vicky) (1)
    Counselor5 (chris) (1)
    Crackers (Charlie) (1) silkies
    Crazychickengirl (3) Irises, black australorps, buff orp, doms
    Cricket Silkies (1)
    Crunchie (9) WC black Polish, bantam polish, ameraucana, cuckoo marans
    Crzyelk (1) Silkies
    Cuda (1) Saipan
    Dachsunds (1) Bantam EE, silkie
    Dani2 (1)
    Danrut101 (Danny) (4) Silkies, Americaunas
    Darlene (AL) (1) silkie, cochin, serama, polish, bantams
    Dawn419 (1)
    DE (1)
    DDD (1) Ameraucanas and frizzles
    DDUN (1) BC Marans
    dipsydoodledoo (Lisa) (42) Frizzle, silkies, sizzles, bantam and LF NN, Ameraucana
    Ditzzy Chic (Tracy) (2)
    DonnaP (1)
    Doodledo (1) sex links
    Dunlea421 (1)
    Dutch Chick (3) Lav split orps, BBS Orps
    Eggchel (2) polish, sebastopol
    EmptyNest (3) quail d¡¦anver, leg bands
    Equibling (1)
    Equus2 (2) Silkie
    Ewe Sheep (1)
    FarmGirl01 (1)
    Fdnick (1)
    Fishmesser (1)
    FLF (1) cochin bantams
    FloridaChick (Kari) (10) cochins, Blk Australorps
    Flufnstuffs* (Melanie) (11) silkie, East Indies
    Fowlsrus (6) BC Marans
    Fredster (1)
    Frizzledhen (Gayle) (8) Standard RC RIR and Bantam B/B/S cochins and Bantam Blue Mottled Cochins
    Froggy (1) silkies
    Frozen feathers (1)
    Gamebirdsonly (7) Wild Turkey, welsummer
    Gatekeeper (7) Buttercups, Lakenvelder, Salmon Faverolles, Welsummers, Frizzles
    Geareduplyn (1)
    ginasmarans (Gina) (9) Marans, Speckled Sussex
    Gracefulbantams (9) duck, bantam eggs
    Greenfamilyfarms (5) Std black cochin
    Groverguy (Peter) (1)
    Goldensunriseranch (4) silkies, bantam faverolle
    Guitarists (1)
    Gumpsgirl (1) golden comets
    Halo (13) EE, blue/black/splash BR and mixed rocks
    hangemhorns (1)
    Hangin Wit My Peeps (2) Belgian d¡¦Uccle
    Harley¡¦sgirl (7) ringneck pheasant, EE, cuckoo marans, sizzles
    Harp (1) Turkey
    Harvest Breeze (Shari) (1) Buff Silkies
    Hazeltonfarms (Stacy) (8) Buff Orpington, Turkey, bantam cochins, peafowl, ringneck pheasants and muscovies
    Helmstead (Kate) (1) thornless blackberry plants
    HenHaven (2)
    Hinkjc/WildsofPA (Jody & Charlie Hinkle) (54) Buff silkies, RIR, BO, EE, Araucana and Pheasant, bobwhite quail
    Home and Barn Basics (1)
    hoosierchic (Chris) (2)
    Hope9401 (3) white silkies
    Howlingwoodsfarm (1)
    Hugachicken (1) silkies
    Illinois_Kelly (1)
    iluvmychicks (Shari) (3)
    Jab91864 (Julie) (6) Mixed bantams, Runner duck
    Jackiedon (1)
    Jaku (1) restraining cone
    Jbower01 (1)
    jebrab (jane) (2)
    Jeff9118 (2) Bantam turkens
    JenJScott (2) adult birds
    jenlynn4 (Jen) (5) BBS/cuckoo Silkies, OEGB
    Jimmy47 (Jim) (6) Blue Orp, Marans, Welsummer, Penedesenca
    jimnjay (Jaynie) (11) Salmon Faverolles, BBS sizzles, blue Andalusian
    Jkcove08 (7) button quail, ducks, silkies
    JMajors (1) Pekin duck
    jmhappycowboy (James) (18) Turken (NN), Buff and BBS Orpingtons, bantam ameraucana and orps
    Jnjross (1) BBS Orpingtons
    Jody & Darlene Head (1) Frizzles
    Juliechick (1)
    Julie Gabbard (1)
    Justhachin (1)
    Justusnak (Deb) (7) EE
    Katy (4) BLRW, Speckled Sussex
    KellyHM (5) silkies, frizzles
    Kentucky Silkies (Tom) (13) Mixed Silkies
    Kings Calls (Jeff) (8) Blue Bantam Orpingtons
    KKbeale (3) Serama
    Korfus Kluckers (Christina) (7) Blue/splash Orpingtons
    Kriptoniteqhs (2)
    KristenH (Mandy) (2) Partridge Cochin, Blue Splash cochin
    Kritter11 (7) Guinea
    KYboy (1) Black Copper Marans
    KychickenFan (Chrisy) (1) silkie
    L&S chickens (2) Welsummer
    Laurielynn67 (1) Rosecomb and d¡¦anver
    LeghornDude (1)
    Leon Valley Trading Co (1) (non-BYC)
    Leslie in North Pole (1)
    Lilralphieroosmama (4) button quail and jumbo coturnix quail (3/14/09)
    LittleAmeraucanaMom (1) Black ameraucana
    LMEggs (1) BO
    Lockedhearts (3) std cochin, BL polish, silkies
    Lowcountrypoultry (2)
    LtlChicken (1)
    Luvmybabz (1) Blue and Splash standard cochins
    Luvmychicknkids (2) BLRW
    LuvMyChix (2) Royal Palm Turkeys
    lydlo (Lydia) (2) Buff silkies
    Magsrags (1) Saddles
    Marans and more (1) cuckoo marans
    Maransguy (Richard) (3) black copper Marans
    Marie_Martin (35) black/blue/splash silkies, Button Quail, Cochins, Seramas
    Marlinchaser (1) Partridge Cochin
    Marquisella (2) BLRW
    Matt31014 (1) Sebright, Japanese
    Mergmet (5) marans, d'uccle, phoenix, giant cochin, ameraucana
    and marlinchaser for guineas
    Meriruka (1) OEGBs
    Michigan Chickman (1) RIR
    Mikeeeee (1)
    Miss Prissy (13) BBS Orpingtons
    Mistar-Ranch (Dianna) (1)
    mmjaw (2) Cornish x
    Monarc23 (3) RIR
    Moodene (2) Chicken saddles
    Mothergoose (Christie) (19) Welsummers and Faverolles, Buff Dewlap, Button quail
    Moyster (1)
    Mrs. AK Bird-Brain (10) Coturnix, Bobwhites, Chukar, silkies, Mille Fleur d¡¦Uccles, Light Brahmas, Silver Grey Dorkings, BBS Orpingtons (2009)
    Msbear (3) Black rosecombs
    Ms. Lewis Rich (2) silkie, BC marans
    muddler6 (Bob) (3) cochins
    mustbecrazy (Tammy) (1) silkie
    Napalongtails (JJ) (3)
    nccatnip (1)
    Needmorechickens (2)
    Newchickenmom (1) silkies
    Ninjapoodles (1) BC Marans, and crosses
    Nivtup (4) golden cuckoo marans, heritage bronze turkey
    Ntiveheart (2) Denizli
    Nupine (1) silkies, NN, WSL
    Oberhaslikid (1) rhubarb roots
    OEGBman (Jordan) (1)
    Ohbluecoop (1) LaFleche
    OKCarla (13) Brabanters, silkies, Spitz, cuckoo marans, BJGs
    Okiehen (8) Blue Andalusian, Welsummer, golden Lakenvelders
    Oldtimegator (1) Mottled Cochin
    Omniskies (1) Pilgrims
    OneCuteShasta (1)
    OnTheSpot (Patty) (5) BC Marans
    Othala Acres Lily (1) Narragansett Turkeys
    Ozarkrose (1) BBC & Mottled Ameraucanas
    PamperedPoultry (4) Self blue OEGB; all Bantams, Mottled cochin, Japanese, OEGB brown/red, spangle,barred rock, Millie Fluer, and Brown Leghorns
    PamsPride (6) Jersey Giants
    ParkerVA (4) cochins, EE/Ameraucanas
    PasoFinoFarm (14) Wheaten/Blue Wheaton, Ameraucaunas, Salmon/ Blue Salmon Favs, Golden Cuckoo Marans, EEs (ships)
    Pattyrdz (1) Salmon faverolles
    Peachick (3) Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana, Silkies (chicks)
    Peckndirt (1) shamo
    Peepfreek (1) marans, std cochin
    Peeps7 (3) Mille Fleur D¡¦Uccle
    Perfectly Polish (1)
    Pidgey104 ()
    Pips & Peeps (Jean) (9) Blue/Wheaten Ameraucana, Sebastopol geese, Ameraucana
    Poohevans (3) Cobbs
    Pop57 (5) Jumbo Coturnix
    Poultrylady (3) Marans, Welsummers, Australorps, Buff Orp, Quail
    PQ (2) Searma, cochin, d¡¦Uccle
    Prairiechiken (2) Russian Orloff
    Priszilla (1)
    Pumpkinpup (16) mixed, BC Marans, BLRW, Cuckoo Marans, BO, BR
    Purplechicken (4) Coturnix
    Quail_Antwerp (1) speckled Sussex and buff orp
    Queen Scoot (1) slippers
    Rbamterry (4) chicks, bantams, turkey
    rchicks (1)
    rfisherj (1)
    Riderken (1)
    rizq (1) Seramas, EEs, Hamburg
    rnau (1) silkies
    Robbobbin (1)
    Roosty (4) EE and Bantam Cochin Frizzles
    Rubberchickenlubber (1)
    Runamuck (1) cochin bantams
    Ruth (1) BC Marans
    SamG347 (5) Jumbo Coturnix quail (check first)
    Sandspoultry (7) Standard Cochins, WM Turkey, BR turkey, muscovy
    Sara (1) Black/split lav ameraucanas
    Sassysilkies (1) silkies?
    SCbirdfarm (3) polish, houdan (full list on page 48, post #474)
    Scgamecock (Marlon) (4)
    Scrappyroo (Keith) (1)
    Sebrightlover (Holly) (2)
    Serendipity (1)
    Serendipity22 (2) Cuckoo marans
    Seriousbill (2) Heritage/Exhib Delewares
    SGBirdFarm (Terry) (1) Blk Langshan
    Shaffer (4) lavender and split lavender ameraucanas
    Sharisr32 (Shari) (2) partr. Silkies
    Shelleyd2008 (10) button quail, jumbo quail, RIR, and duck, soon to have white silkies and Millies
    Sherriekim (Kim) (3) Mille Fleur d¡¦Uccle
    Shortcake1806 (Tracy) (6) Delaware
    Shultz (2) Jersey Giants
    Silkieluvr (Alyssa) (5) bantam barred rock
    Siz8003 (6)
    SlightlyCracked (1)
    S n M Poultry/S n M Livestock (Jeffrey) (5) NN, Modern Game Bantams, and Oregon gray turkeys (and more!)
    Solace (1) Seramas
    Solsken Farm (2) BO, Ameraucana, cuckoo marans
    Southern Essence (soaps) (3)
    Southern28Chick (Tricia - soap) (1)
    Spatcher (3) DE
    Special Agent Husak (Kathy) (1)
    Speckledhen (Cyn) (25) Blue Orpingtons, Barred Rocks
    SportTees (1)
    Steelshot (2) chukar partridge, BCMS
    Sweetshoplady (1) Chocolates!
    Sundownwaterfowl (8) sebrights, light brahmas
    TatersChickens (3) RIR
    Tazcat70 (1) orpington
    Teach97 (1)
    Teresaann24 (1) silkies
    TFpets (3) frizzled mille fleur d¡¦Uccle, cuckoo marans, OEGBs
    tb1/prancingpony1 (1)
    TheCochinCoop (1)
    TheFarmersWife (2) Speckled Sussex
    ThePetPaw (1)
    Therealsilkiechick (10) Silkies (BBS) and showgirls
    Tiffanyh (2)
    Tiki244 (1) Serama
    Tileman (1) Texas A&M quail
    Tootsie (1) araucana/Ameraucana
    Tqcole (1) Marans
    TriciaHowe (1)
    Tuffoldhen (Sandy) (9) Light Brahma, BBS Orps
    UglyDucky (7) Buff Orp, silver penciled rocks, buff brahmas
    vfem (2) Biscotti, silkies
    Vicki2x2 (5) Serama, welsummer
    Volume904 (2) Chicken Diapers, sock monkeys (ļ)
    wclawrence (4) Long crowers and long tails
    Webacres (1)
    Westernchick (1)
    Wildernessdweller (1) guinea
    Willjg (Bill) (1) silkie/cochin mix
    Willow (4) Muscovy, guinea
    WyanLuv (1)
    Wyldehorses (3) button quail
    Wwmicasa1 (5) black mottled d¡¦uccles, MF cochins
    xxmrsbellxx (1)
    Yogiman (2) Buff and white Orpingtons
    Yoletrapper (1) BO, BLRW
    Youdontknow32 (1) sizzle
    Zunibee (4) JG

    Updated to post #886 (185 new posts!!). 4/9/09

    New! We have added 63 new sellers to the list between 3/11/09 and 4/9/09 to make a total of 319.

    If you want a full list of the breeds you have available, or need to add or drop a breed, please just PM me and I will add them to the list! [​IMG]
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  2. AussieSharon

    AussieSharon Songster

    Dec 18, 2007
    I think this is a great idea. I've purchased eggs from 2 BYC members and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them and would recommend them ( and purchase from them again ) in a hearbeat.
  3. Mrs MIA

    Mrs MIA Chick Magnet

    Mar 3, 2008
    Yay!!! Start posting!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. hypnofrogstevie

    hypnofrogstevie chick magnet

    Jul 12, 2007
    Newton NJ
    I can give a couple feedacks [​IMG]

    gracefulbantams - Eggs where wrapped carefully and no cracked eggs when I opened the box. I know it was fault on my end but out of 6 eggs 5 where fertile and I have 1 baby out of 5. It was my first time with ducks and I am happy I got 1 [​IMG]. Will order again.

    sandspoultry -I bought 12 and she sent an extra 3 in case a couple broke. They where very carefully packed. None where broke when I opened the box. All 15 where fertile and out of 15, 11 hatched. Very good for shipped eggs IMO and will order again. [​IMG]

    I have 2 more orders from BYC members comming so I will update this
  5. Just-Like-Hatching

    Just-Like-Hatching Songster

    Mar 23, 2008
    Dothan, AL
    I live close to Bamachicken and have hatched many of her eggs. She is an honest lady and works hard to ensure that her eggs she ships are fresh and fertile. Her chickens are well kept and healthy. She is simply a pleasure to deal with.
  6. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    I second that about Bamachicken (Julie). Packs well, beautiful birds. Had an 88% hatch rate from the dozen she sent. Also, I have received eggs from ginasmarans( Gina). She packed extras and I had an excellent fertility/hatch rate on the Speckled Sussex she sent last year.
    I should mention that a member who hasnt been around for awhile personally picked up eggs from Jim Cox in W. Va, packed them herself and mailed them to me. Excellent packing job. Her screen name is Ditzzy Chic, but most here wouldn't know her.

    **Edited to add:
    Just received eggs from Mothergoose for the first time-EXCELLENT pkging-You HAVE to get these gorgeous Welsummers!
    Again, from BamaChicken and HenHaven, perfect as usual. Last year, HenHaven sent six eggs to me from California to Georgia and five hatched!
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2008
  7. AussieSharon

    AussieSharon Songster

    Dec 18, 2007
    Mothergoose. Ordered 1 doz Welsummer eggs and got 6 extra. Very well packaged, 2 were cracked but definately the PO fault ( my mail carrier told me they were on the bottom of a huge stack ) Christie has answered numerous questions and been very patient with me. Due to hatch tomorrow.

    Poohevans Ordered 1 doz Cobb eggs and got 6 extra. 1 cracked, but packaging was excellent. Due to hatch tomorrow
  8. mergmet

    mergmet Songster


    these are wonderful folks to deal with, I am sure I have missed others. PLEASE email or PM me if I missed you and I will add you to the testimonial

    I have not kept statistics, but I know they delivered what they promised including good customer service

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2008
  9. Mrs MIA

    Mrs MIA Chick Magnet

    Mar 3, 2008
    You guys are wonderful... thank you! Please keep them coming! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. DrumStick

    DrumStick Songster

    Oct 13, 2007
    We got eggs from


    All the chicks were cute. My dad asked me to say the packaging was very
    good from all of them too.

    My Dad has more coming from Mothergoose and okcarla next month. [​IMG]
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