Wanted: Quilt pattern. Roman Holiday


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Im looking for this quilt pattern:

Roman Holiday
by Moda's Swatches Pattern Co.
May possible be #MP211

Im looking for the pattern only, not a kit.

Here is a link for a kit that shows the pattern done in the Three Sisters Roman Holiday Collection.
Again, Im only looking for the Swatches pattern for Roman Holiday Quilt.

If you've got one and want to sell it, please contact me by PM.


Still looking for it, eh?

You should have just bought the Christmas Kit.

Did we ever decide what degree the triangle was? If you do, I have Electric Quilt 6 and maybe I can make you one.
It is 60 degrees. You can make one on your new HQ16? Wow!!

Yeah, I did find the kit at a couple different stores online. One kit even includes 5 yards of backing, but I really would prefer to make a quilt out of the Michael Miller Provence collection of fabrics, that I already bought.

I did finally find the one missing fabric that wasnt in stock at Holly Hill. It was my favorite of the bunch and also the one that was used for the backing, as well. I found it at Hancocks Pacucah, and it was the only one of the collection that was on sale! Ha!


Im still hoping that one of our members bought the pattern and is done with it.


And here I am trying to figure out a pattern to tastefully piece a quilt for my 2 year old who wants a 'tractor bed' = John Deere.
No, I meant make a pattern on my Electric Quilt 6 computer program. LOL

You know, using a 6 x 18 ruler with angle markings, you can rotary cut strips at the 60 degree angle and then cross cut into diamonds.
But you will need to fiddle with placement and staggering so you have straight line seams at an angle to avoid "Y-seams. <shudder>

I will mess with my computer program this afternoon and get back to you.
Thanks, cockadoodlemom. I appreciate your efforts.

Duh, I hate it when my brain malfunctions.
Thank you for trying it on your Elec. Quilt 6.
Does one need higher brain function to use that ?

Yes, Id like to avoid the Y-seams. Actually, Id like to avoid anything that makes you shudder. LOL.

There has got to be something out there that uses 60 degree diamonds. It just won't be called Roman Holiday.

I am ashamed to say I took a nap after work yesterday that lasted several hours so I didn't get to the EQ program. (But my HQ16 should be here Friday!

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