Wanted: Rooster near Warsaw IN


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hi my name is Ashley and I live near Warsaw Indiana and I am in need of a Rooster I understand that Roosters are the protectors in the flock but I am looking for one that is less aggressive to humans I have 2 small children and would hate for a accident to happen I have 28 Hens with no rooster and recently a Hawk has helped himself to a few of my Hens I am willing to Travel a short distance and or pay a Re-homing fee my email address is [email protected] or feel free to text me @ 574-253-2041 thanks for the help
well iam sorry to hear bout that. And yes, I have looked off and on at craigslist but no luck yet!
I have 4 8mo old roosters that I am trying to find a home for. The have been raised organically and are actually very well behaved (minus the crowing more than I like). They have grown up around kids and adults. 2 are orpington and the other 2 are grey and white.

We do live in Castleton (Indianapolis) though but am flexible on driving and distance. If you want them you can have them. If anyone reading this wants them, just let me know. The only exception is that I will not give them to anyone who plans to use them for fighting or any other unacceptable manner. Butchering is not considered unacceptable to me.

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