Wanted: Self blues (MO)


12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
Im looking for Self Blue,Silkies, Ameraucaunas, Orpingtons, d Uccle Bantams & Self Blue Old English Bantams. May be interested in other colors as well.
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Im open to breeds now, I just want the color
Mine are porcelains, but I believe you are wanting the lavender color, correct? How far are you from St. Louis and in what direction? I have family in St. Louis, and I'm thinking about maybe creatively splitting a order from Cackle with you. I've been wanting to see what their d'uccles look like.
Im 60 miles north of St. Louis.
Yep, Im interested in self blue/lavender color.
Ive been looking, and Ideal also has them and I think they are cheaper.
I dont know which one is better though- Cackle or Ideal

Im really interested in Self Blue d'Uccles.
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