Wanted: Serama, Polish, NN, amaraucana, EE, Frizzle, RIR bantam, partridge silkie, white silkie, and

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  1. I have a Serema hen and roo. Hen has never laid one egg and is a year old! I'd really like to have another pullet or serama hen.

    I have two polish hens, their roosters got scared away and didn't come back. They're all alone now, I'm mainly looking for black crested blacks!

    I have a black Naked neck hen, but need a rooster for her! Any color will do, black is preferred!

    I have an amaraucana, but she has a rare disease so she can no longer bare eggs for us. I'm looking for a breeding pair of em'!

    I have one laying EE hen who needs a rooster!

    I have a blue frizzle EE rooster too. He doesn't have a hen, but I doubt there's someone on here with a blue frizzle EE hen! :lol: so i'll take a blue frizzle EE hen or a blue EE hen!

    I have a RIR bantam hen, perfect breeding age and she needs a roo! I need a RIR bantam rooster!

    I have a partridge silkie hen with no mate. Her old mate died :/ he was a gorgeous boy! I'm looking for a partridge silkie bantam or normal roo!

    I have a white silkie also, don't know if it's a boy or a girl so I'll just take anything youve got! Even a breeding pair!

    Last, but not least my Red-Breasted Rose comb hen needs a roo!

    This would help our farm out SO SO much if anyone has anything!
    Thanks so much!

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