Wanted Serama Roosters & Cockerels


11 Years
Jun 16, 2008
San Antonio Texas
Looking to buy decent Quality Serama Roosters Or Cockerels. maybe a hen or pullet ?
Frizzle,Smooth,Silk does not matter really but quality is a must..

To be honest, i don't really know what I'm looking for, as far as colors.
But will know when, i see it ! :D LMBO

LOL Long Story Short, Im Looking to add new Blood & Color for some WOW Factor ;)

My Current Flock Has been with us for about 8 - 9 yrs & Originate from a Breeder in Louisiana.
Our Flock Consist of mostly dark Colors and has gotten kind of bland compared to the past. When we use to have Many Many Colors.

We currently have
* Cuckoo,
* Crele
* Brown Red
* Black
* & 1 Mottled Pullet.

Let me know Prices, ages, Size, Color, Pics etc.

Again Mainly Looking for roosters and cockerels but will consider hens & pullets ?

Pretty Much open to all Color varieties and types frizzle, smooth & silkie :D
The Only Requirements I have are...

( Requirements)
* Must Be Pure Bred Seramas, as these will be bred for exhibition.
* Come From a Health Flock / No sick birds !
* You Must be a cool BYC'er LOL Just Kidding XD
* Must Be able to ship.

Im needing them shipped to San Antonio, TX.

Thank You,

Josh T
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Lorilyn Farms

7 Years
May 29, 2012
Rogue River, Oregon
I have a father and son set of Seramas. I also have their parents photos as well.
Here is Daddy. Oh wait, I can't actually tell them apart. One is yellower than the other.

okay, these two created Little Man.

This is Daddy.

Little man, when he was a babe.

This is Daddy of Little Man. Both Little Man and Daddy are free, just pay shipping. I used them for the pumpkin colors they carry.


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