wanted: show quality indian runner duck eggs for hatching

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have decided to develop a concentration. I want to show and raise Indian runner ducks. I have some right now, but they are poor quality. I have some decent quality eggs coming in the mail from ebay (labled show quality, but they aren't show stoppers). I want some really nice quality runners.

    If you've got eggs to sell, please send me a message or post here (and message me if I don't happen to reply, as I've probably lost track of the thread).
    I will want photos of the parent ducks. I am only looking for eggs from ducks that are correctly colored and marked, correct size, and slender and very upright.
    I'm looking for around a dozen eggs.

    If you are in middle Tennessee and have high quality adult runners or ducklings for sale, I have a brand new hovabator genesis with automatic turner that I would be willing to give up in trade for some.

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