Wanted: Silkie (or similar breed) Hens near VT


6 Years
Nov 16, 2016
Hey there,
I'm looking for a few Silkie hens, or a similar breed, to add to my flock. I have 6 eight W/O chicks, of which I believe four are roos. Additionally, I have an adult Silkie rooster (1.5 years old) that someone dumped on my door step in October. So yeah, I'm potentially overrun with roos.

I know, I know... Don't count your roosters before they crow.

Let me know what you have. I'd prefer similarly aged chicks, but willing to chat about other options.

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Really any breed that's similar in size, temperament/disposition and tends to be on the low end of the pecking order when placed in a flock with more aggressive breeds. I believe Polish tend to fit that criteria.
I'm in Claremont and looking for a home for 3 week old chicks. 2 nh reds and a bsl. We set up a store bought coop in the run for an unbreakable broody and got her babies from runnings. She's done being a mom already. We really need to find a home for these ones as my SO put 5 eggs under another mean broody and we need to move her to this coop soon. Don't know why he did it. We won't have room for those either! It has saved this broody from being picked on. She was trying to steal Etta's babies and charging any hen that so much as looked at them. Maybe she will be a better ma...
Oh no! I wish I could help, but I just bought a half dozen Salmon Faverolles and found a Silkie dealer almost within my zipcode.

Have you tried posting in the For Sale/Trad forum?

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