WANTED: Someone who can sex Ducklings, around AL/TN/GA

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  1. nettie

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    Hello friends,

    I am purchasing miniature silver appleyard ducklings in the very near future, but the only breeder i can find doesn't sex them. I only need one female and the rest i plan on giving away for free to good homes.

    -I can drive six or so hours from my house and bring the ducklings to you when it's convient for you.

    -I can wait until the ducklings are a little older (a week or so) if it makes sexing easier.

    -I will pay a fee deemed reasonable by both parties (i'm thinking $25,does that sound good?)

    -If you can sex them, after finding me a female (or at least being 90% sure, lol), you can have as many of the extra ducklings as you would like for free.

    Can anyone help out? I live in Central AL, (bowling green KY is six hours away, Atlanta 3 hours, NW flor is about 4.... so i have a wide range)

    Thanks guys!

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