Wanted: Speckled Sussex hatching eggs

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    I am looking for Speckled Sussex eggs to hatch. If anybody has any fertile SS eggs to sell - or I'd be glad to take some extras off somebody's hands! and pay for shipping! - please let me know. My Zip Code is 95691, so if somebody wants to calculate shipping and sell some SS eggs to me, just PM me with how much it will cost and if it's not too dear, I'll be glad to follow up with payment via PayPal!
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    Hi greyes, we do have some lovely speckled sussex eggs. Pictures of them are on our website and all our hatching eggs are listed on the first page of our website, with the exception of our Easter Eggers.

    A picture of our flock:

    A few more are here:

    Also, thanks for your order on the Lavendar Orpingtons eggs.

    Please let me know if you are interested in these. Have a blessed day. Nancy

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