Wanted Standard Cochin pullet or young hen


9 Years
Jan 23, 2011
I am in need of a standard cochin pullet or young hen. I care more about health than color but if I had a choice I would probably choose black or buff or partridge first. I am in Fayettevile AR and am not opposed to paying for shipping as well but would prefer to pickup or meet. Thanks so much!
You might try posting this on your State thread. Index; Social Forum; Where am I? Where are you!; and look for your State thread. The people there will know who is breeding and what is available.
we are located east OKC and have several well started pullets in Black and Partridge ranging from 3-4 months of age. You are more than welcome out here if its not too much of a drive.
I have 3 standard partridge hens and 1 standard partridge rooster. All are under 1yr old. The hens are proven layers.

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