wanted: Standard Rex and SR x NewZealand or Cali Rabbits W.TN

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    looking for the basis for my meaty line...
    looking for standard rexes and Standard rex x cali or New Zealand for this purpose.
    im willing to travel up to 3 hours in any direction of 38334 for the right rabbits at the right price.

    looking to breed for meat AND pelt so breeding for Tris or Brokens.
    so im ideally looking for

    a trio of nice tri-colored rabits.

    or brokens and solids in black, blue, chocolate, lilac or red.
    either blacks and blues, chocolates and lilacs or reds.

    looking to buy kits in the spring.
    they will be colony raised on grass in a large tractor!
    if you have, are planning or know of any breeders with upcomming litters please let me know, idally looking to bring babies home in march!
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