wanted super friendly speckled sussex rooster

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Hi Folks,
    After being out of chickens for far too long I'm finally getting back. As a kid I had a small flock of speckled sussex. They were so sweet, friendly and talkative. So just recently I got a small group of young adults (four hens one rooster). After nursing them back to health for two months (they came to me sick) I've discovered they aren't really friendly (except for one hen). I was hoping to get a nicer boy. I want to hatch some eggs out next year for my kids to see and I would like them to be out of a friendly rooster and the hen. Anyway, I'm willing to have him shipped but I live in Iowa if anyone lives near.
    Thanks much, Constance
    p.s. nice to find this place!!!

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