Wanted to Buy used duck harnesses


8 Years
Feb 7, 2011
I need three duck harnesses for holding diapers. My ducks are about 6 weeks. We have a Pekin, Ancona and Swedish blue Pekin mix? I am trying to avoid buying at full price three harnesses for three ducks as they grow.

Thank you!
at six weeks old, your ducks are just about big enough for an adult harness, so you won't need to buy multiples for them, but they do need a harness that is meant for their size/breed. You def. do not want to put a harness that is too small on a duck, as it can hurt them or impact their breathing/movement. If it's too big, lol, the poop will fall out.
This is excellent news. I have one crested Pekin, one Ancona and one Pekin Swedish blue mix. So, do you need measurements for these? Also they are still about or at least half the size they are going to be.
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