Wanted to share a story of a 38 yr old AZTECA mare- Lady

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    A good friend of mine and my barn owner decided she wanted to take on a few older mares, and through some online resources and inquiries, she found an old arab mare, and then an old grey mare.

    Through some lack of communication, she almost didn't get the mare, but then poof, she was at her home, thin!! THIN!!, and in need of some lovin.
    Had the vet out, he thought she was about 24 from her teeth (YES TEETH!!), and with lots of lovin and food, she started to fill out nicely.
    We all thought she was a percheron cross or perch qh cross...
    The vet came out to check on the other mare, the arab, who got an abcess, he saw the old grey mare several weeks later... and said "my god, what did you do with her?? she looks great!"
    "I fed her."

    Through my barn owner, I found out Lady's original owner was looking for her, and had found her with Sandy. She had lost her job and thought she had placed her beloved 28 yr old arab gelding and her


    38 yr old Azteca mare with a good home.. turns out she is an Azteca, Mary her owner had had her for 33 of her 38 yrs.
    they rode her all summer, put the little kids on her... and then dumped her...
    she had been seperated from the gelding for about 6 months.

    Sandy then got a chance to move to Colorado, and they thought Lady shouldn't make the trip in winter, so she was going to winter at where I board.
    Mary, her original owner found the gelding, and got him to a safe place to board.. and then asked Sandy if she could have Lady back.
    Well of course!!!
    So yesterday in the blustery WI morning, we loaded her up after her morning grain, and took her some 40 miles south to her old owner, and her old herd mate.

    Lady sniffed him at the gate, he snorted, she then sniffed some goats, and went right in and started to eat. Happy with her old friend, in serious retirement, and with
    a woman who would not give up in trying to find her dear old horses. Who works two jobs, traveling 40 plus miles to work them.
    Sandy was happy that Lady was back with her owner and that she didn't have to worry about a long trip for her.
    Here is Lady Bug, before we took her to her original owner.

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    [​IMG] I love these stories of reunions!
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    What really, really nice story
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    Good story. Good on your part and good on the part of the original owner who did not give up the search.
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    Awwww [​IMG]
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    the "e" planet
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    this story goes into the 'keeper' file -- thanks for sharing -- :)

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