Wanted to share pics of my Golden Penciled Hamburg pair


11 Years
Jun 13, 2008
My DH took these pics yesterday. I would be happy for any with breed experience to critique them.

With help from reading this site I hatched these Golden Penciled Hamburgs (out of 8 ebay eggs) as a first-timer on July 3. I am now a hatchaholic on hold.

We really enjoy these hyper and rather standoffish birds. They are more wild than tame and I hope to get more (this time from a breeder I have talked with at length...he is an APA judge and a member of the North American Hamburg Society so I am excited to get some eggs from him). We are building a house in the country and hope to move soon. Right now, they are in the city limits. (shhhh.)

Does anyone know if that poofy down feather thing will go away. Is he moulting? Just curious.

Here is a better shot of his head.

One more, just for the heck of it:

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