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  1. Dragonshavenhillfarm

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    Sep 22, 2008
    We are looking for the following animals. we are located near south hill, virginia.

    We are looking for just about any bird except quail "had very bad experence and lost around 800 hatchlings. refuse to go threw it again. will try again once we have some thing designed specialy for them"

    looking for any of the following

    chickens "exspecialy black copper marans"
    pea fowl "depending on price"

    looking for ones that are out of brooders if possible. have brooders but their full at moment.

    we are willing to pick up if with in 2 hours distance. will go further depending on what you have and the price :)

    Please excuse my spelling. dyslexia is a therible thing :)

    Please contact me at [email protected] as we useualy have email open 24/7

    Hope to hear from you soon. Also any info you think i would need or should have for these wonderful birds. please let me know in case i do not already have that info. thank you

    Also one last item... We are also looking for equipment, enclosures and supplies for raiseing birds. but prefer large capacity incubators and hatchers. and stackable brooders. Have researched them and GQF seem the safest for the birds. And we use Blue Seal feeds. And opions on this brand? just started useing it after some research and they seem the best for birds with their semi-organic feed line.
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    Apr 5, 2008
    Central Virginia
    We have 2 Black Spanish Hens and 4 Black Spanish Toms. We also have 5 Bourbon Red Toms. If your interested, send us an email or PM here.

    I'd let any of them go for $25.00 ea.
    3 or more $20.00ea.

    We're about 2 hr & 18 min from you according to Google Maps.

    David & Ann

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