Wanted: variety of DUCKS, Fizzled bantam cochin, frizzled serama


6 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Hi All,

Looking to expand my small flock of 3 hens, hopefully through local pickup (SF bay area), but shipped is fine. I just want 3-5 eggs local pickup, 4-7 eggs shipped, as my incubator is small and I don't want to get overrun with chicks and/or ducklings.

I know most flocks aren't laying much right now, so I'm also looking forward to incubating later, during spring; so if you got the types of poultry I'm looking for, let me know so that I can purchase them in the next few months!

Looking for excellent/breeder quality:
-Cayuga duck eggs
-Welsh Harlequin duck eggs
-Runner duck eggs

-Frizzled bantam cochin
-Frizzled serama

I love having a variety of colors. Also, if you've got several of those breeds above (so I can pick up a bunch of different eggs), that's a huge, huge plus! I also really like having crazy egg colors, so if your runners lay blue eggs, that's a huge plus!

Thanks in advance :)
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