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    Dec 16, 2009
    Vicksburg, Ms
    Hi, all. I am new here, wish I had found it sooner. We have had a very spoiled inside pet chicken since September, we had her since she was 8 days old. My youngest son took her to bed with him last night (instead of her coup) and sometime during the night rolled over on her and she died. So, at 5 this morning, I had a house full of crying kids. I am desperately searching for one or two baby chickens, (preferably a week or more old, or one who is used to being held, loved, watch t.v., etc...) not to replace Tweety, but to ease my kids sadness.
    Does anyone know someone who has any chicks that are available this time of year (in my area) I am in Vicksburg, Ms. Just to let you know, I really don't think Tweety knew she was a chicken, she came to my room and got in bed with me, to hide. She ate meals with the kids, etc ... Any chicken would be very well spoiled and cared for! Would love a hen, if possible.

    Thanks for any tips,
    PS I believe she was bantam? She was solid black with very few wing feathers with white tip, she was small and very loving...
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    May 29, 2009
    I'm too far away to help (Indiana) but I was so touched by your story that I just had to say hi. I really hope you are able to find your kids a new pet chicken! Have you tried your local craigslist?

    Oh, and [​IMG]
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    You should put out a call for help in the " Where am I /Where are you" forum
    (something like in the subject line > "Mississipians > can you help?" ) as someone in your state might be willing to help you out but not be actively searching to get rid of a bird (so would miss your post in this forum).
    You can also pm some of the members in this thread who have stated they live in Mississippi and put a link to your thread in the pm
    Good luck!
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