Wanted: White leghorns, Turkey chicks; NW GA

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  1. spotnapp

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    Sep 22, 2007
    Cedartown, Ga.
    My son is trying to find some white leghorn hens and a couple of turkey chicks to replace what a feral dog wiped out (8 birds total). The dog is now DEAD but, unfortunatley for my son's chickens they'll only be aloud to free range while we are outside with them, for their own safety.
    He only has $22 right now, since he just bought a trash can(the day before his hens were slaughtered) to keep his chicken feed in, so he can only afford VERY Reasonable fees. I can pitch in a little for him but he is REALLY wants the CHICKENS to be HIS "thing". I am willing to drive upto 1 1/2 hours from Polk County, Ga.

  2. msrma7670

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    we live in walker county lafayette ga.
    no turkeys although have considered raising some.
    I have some rir mutts that will hatch 2-3 weeks some black stars as well. I also have the eggs if you want to hatch them. let me know if interested. we will part with the stuff pretty cheap. just let us know.
  3. spotnapp

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    Sep 22, 2007
    Cedartown, Ga.
    Thanks msrma7670:) I really appreciate the offer. However, since he doesn't have anywhere set up yet for a brooder he really only wants laying or started poults. I guess I should of specified that, but I just don't want to sound like a choosey begger, LOL!

    BTW, I think I helped lift his spirits by helping him come up with some songs to play on his guitar. The third verse of the first song was an accident that happened when an aggresive Roo he had kept coming after him and he kicked him a bit TOO Hard, but it fit in well in the song LOL! AND NO he don't kick ANY of his chickens anymore!

    Amazing eggs we like to lay
    for our owner who plays cools songs

    Then he sells them and buys

    He teaches them a lesson....
    he kicks them and kills them

    His dad shoots the dogs
    that KILL Us! Hurray! Hurray Hurray!!!

    Hey hey hey hey I'm a rooster
    who likes to kill you to save my he-ens

    Hey hey hey hey go awayaaa
    please go awayaaa tooo day

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