WANTED - White Orpington chicks, White Call ducklings, and American Buff goslings


May 31, 2017
Great Falls
Hello! I'm new to backyard poultry ownership, and am interested in finding White Orpington chicks (4-6 female and 1 male), White Call ducklings (1 female and 1 male), and American Buff goslings (1 female and 1 male) to raise for fresh eggs and for fun. I'm hoping to find a breeder with birds of reasonable quality to begin my flock...they don't necessarily have to be show birds, but I would like something purebred and nicer than I could pick up at the local farm and ranch store. If there are breeders in Montana I am happy to travel, otherwise I would be looking for someone who is willing to ship birds. Thank you! :)

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