Wanted- your ? to trade for my bbs silkie and bbs bantam cochin eggs!


Pullus Parvus
10 Years
Aug 16, 2009
West Virginia
I will have a mix of at least 18 silkie/ bantam cochin eggs I can trade once a week (this will be ongoing until the hens slow down). Both groups are blue/black/splash, splash roosters over each group. 95% of our silkie chicks have proper toes and our hatching rate here is between 90-100%. I will ship priority, each egg wrapped in bubble wrap, then taped upright and taped into egg "blocks"- then the rest of the box is filled with packing peanuts. I will ship Mon or Tues.

I am ISO anything our family can use (no hatching eggs-sorry we are at our limit
). This can be any kind of gc (as long as we have a store close), useful handmade goods, etc! Just lmk what you are willing to trade

If you live locally, I would be happy to trade chicks as well!


9 Years
Mar 14, 2010
Sunny North Florida
Do you do any beading or rock collecting or ..... give us an idea of what kinds of things you might like... I have a bead shop with jewelry and used to cut my own stones, I could trade a couple garnets, amy, peridots? something like that????

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