Wanting to breed my Ameraucanas and Golden Sex Links


7 Years
May 22, 2012
Rural Alberta, Canada
Hello everyone,

I am sorry I have not introduced myself formally here yet. I live on a small ranch in central Alberta in Canada (about an hours drive west of Edmonton) and raise cows and chickens, though I am still kind of new to chickens.

I currently have seven Golden Sex Link hens and two Ameraucana hens, and I would like to get most of them breeding and raising chicks. We have our Ameraucana rooster B.J, who is if anything over sexed, so there is no problem there. They were acting broody this winter but now that the weather has finally warmed up they aren't settling down to brood. Any ideas?

Thanks to anyone who can help in advance.
You can't force a hen to go broody. If you're wanting to hatch their eggs, I'd suggest you buy an incubator. They're a lot less moody that way. LOL

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