Wanting to build a quail coop (maybe switch to chickens down the road) against this shed.

Discussion in 'Quail' started by paneubert, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Wanting to build a quail coop (maybe switch to chickens down the road) against this shed.

    Photos Here: http://imgur.com/a/CxVLS

    Anybody see any glaring issues with my plan to simply extend the roof of the shed a few feet beyond the existing flat side, enclose those few feet in wood planking on the sides, and then use….let’s say….another 10 feet of hardware cloth enclosed wood frame to make a nice large exterior aviary/run that is hardware cloth enclosed on the top and sides? I figure the roof/covered portion would follow the same slope as the shed, and then I can switch to a boxy/rectangular/flat roof and sides for the screened portion. No plans to use the actual interior of the shed for any quail or chickens, just using the side of the shed for wind and rain protection. Add a nice large door to the end of the run (farthest from the shed) for access.
    My thought is that quail don’t tend to care for nest boxes or even roosting in enclosed spaces at night, so there is no need to build a 4 solid sided enclosure next to the shed. I can have a simple three sided wind/rain protected area (one side is the shed wall, the other 2 sides are the couple foot wide wood walls I build). Leave the 4th side open to the run. Keep food and water well back/against the shed wall to keep it out of the elements. Use pea gravel and potted plants for the ground surface of the run while using more of a deep litter for the protected/covered area. Probably install a lip a few inches in from the transition from covered to uncovered so that I can keep the gravel and deep litter separate/dry from each other.
    I realize this is more of a setup for quail and not chickens, but it seems like it could be converted to a chicken zone in the future with the addition of some next boxes on the shed wall and some roosts.
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    Seems good to me, you may want to have a covered roof though (not just fencing) to keep out rain. The open part of my pen can get kinda soggy. But if your pen has good drainage then it may work.

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