Wanting to buy BLRW Roo


8 Years
Mar 31, 2011
I am looking for a BLRW Roo to breed to my 2 girls I hatched last year, willing to pay for quality.
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I don't have a BLRW rooster but I have a golden laced colored wyandotte cockerel he's suppose to be out of show stock very broad chest and nice lacing I want $10 for him if you may be interested, and I will ship just not sure exactly what it would cost and think I would need a special box for him since he is so wide don't think he would fit in a single stall box.
Sorry, I updated my profile, I live in Missouri. I am going to need to find closer, I do not mind paying for quality, but $50-$75 extra for shipping is a little steep for me at this point.

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