WARE chick-n-hutch: does it work?

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    I was just wondering about the chick-n-hutch. Do people like theirs? How many birds will it hold? 2-3? thanks!
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    Jun 13, 2010
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    That's the one without a front, right (except for wire)? We looked at this at our farm store, and frankly it seemed pretty lightweight. In addition, it doesn't have any protection from anything on the front side. Here in KS we have cold winters, so that was a fail right off.

    The wood was very light weight, and my DH said it would have to be reinforced in lots of places or it would collapse in a stiff breeze. He vetoed it due to poor construction (and the other Ware houses too, for the same reason.) I haven't seen their big ones with attached runs in person, but if it is the same wood, I wouldn't want those either. I wouldn't want to put more than 2 chickens in it (for a nesting box?), and it would have to be inside a garage or a building unless you built it a front and put some additional $$ into it (imho).

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    May 26, 2010
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    I have the chick n hutch. The one where the front drops down. I will admit to the "flimsyness" of the wood. It doesnt seem like an exterior grade wood. I got a pretty good deal on mine so I can't complain too much. The screws loosen up rather quickly, so I have to go around it once in a while. I gave it a once over with a water seal, just because the stain they applied appeared to be fading.

    I've only had it for four months though.

    I did buy the run addition. It is made of the same wood. Water sealed it. The hinges and locks are rusting already but it is still in the same shape as purchased. I have 2 bantam and one standard hen in there and I would certainly not be able to comfortably fit another bird.

    I did take off the door to the hutch completely and made my own walkway up into it. I have added the ware nest box and my girls seem to like it (at least they lay eggs in it). I keep their water and food in the hutch and have two metal garbage cans behind the hutch for their bags of food.

    I have added somethings to make the girls more comfortable. I purchased some scrap leather from a furniture company and made wide leather strips to cover the top of the run. They were getting too much sun in there. I also made a leather curtain with 5 slits for entering and exiting the hutch. I hung a round rod the full length of the opening and the curtain takes a beating without showing a bit of wear. The girls are happy and feel safe inside at night, not exposed to the elements. I also dont have the litter tray underneath filling up with rain water like I did.

    I had started to move the whole thing around once a week so they would have new grass to forage on, but gave that up two weeks ago. Now I have filled the run with pine shavings to cut down on the mud (since they've obliterated the grass) and I think they'll be in the same spot till winter.

    I do let them out for a few hours in the evening to free range.

    I do expect to be moving the whole thing up beside the house for the winter and having it tarped tightly so they'll be comfy.

    Hope that helped ya..
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    I have seen most of the Ware products in the last few weeks, unfortunately after I bought the Chickn barn. Their wood is very thin and the supposed water proofing is nothing more than a stain. If they claim it will fit 5 birds then 2 will squeeze in. Unless you are in a very, very mild climate and just have 2 or 3 bantams their Hutches and runs are way, way to small.

    There is no way their products can be made scure against predators without completely redoing them.

    I made the Barn work for me with a lot of modifications and 2 coats of quality primer then a good outdoor paint. My Barn is on a raised platform to keep it away from the mud and excessive moisture inside a 20' x 9' run.

    The only real benefit I've found to my purchase from Ware is it gave me ideas on how to build my next coop fairly easily. If they used quality materials and made them a lot bigger their design would be great.

    The Barn is their biggest offering I think and I'm just barely comfortable keeping 6 banties in it.



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