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10 Years
Jan 27, 2009
Crestview, Fl
Got a quick question. I was looking at the Ware Chick-N-Hutch at TSC. I'm getting a new roster this weekend and won't have time to build something. What do you think of using this in the run so he can meet my girls and the roster I have already in saftey? Mine are about 9 months old now and I think he is about 3 or 4 months.
your going to have trouble. old roo meeting new roo.. unless you can keep them in separate areas they will probably fight and they are vicious fighters.. i have one roo in the house now.. he grew up with his brothers and at 9 mos they all decided there would be only one roo left standing .. it was a bloody mess everywhere..we are now in the process of building a second run and coop for the hurt roos (he has healed) so he can have his own harem. not sure how the free ranging will work out though... gl with yours
You can't keep them in separate pens either if they share a common wall that they can fight through.
I had two tear each other apart through 2 x 4 inch (openings in) welded wire.

I'm anxiously waiting for Spring so I can complete my six outside pens. That will be my solution for my roosters. I built six A frames out of welded wire attached with zip ties to metal electrical conduit.

Last night my tarps were delivered. I'm going to use two for each pen...one to wrap and waterproof my dog crates, and one over the pen for shade and rain protection. They are durable and heavy, and a nice dark green. The whole deal will look nice. My chicken coop and shed are painted dark green.

With shipping the tarps were five bucks each but are really sturdy.

Terry in TN

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