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  1. it was so cold today that I searched for mash on this blog and found out that just some warm water on some oatmeal and chicken feed is quite popular. I took that out to them and their water of course was frozen on the top and I sat down the warm mash and all 5 of them started eating immediately it was quite a hit for about 5 minutes.I poured a tablespoon or so of warm coconut oil on top too cuz I thought maybe the fat would help them stay warm today.
    I'm so happy they're here-- I'm not worrying about their water being frozen or the fox or how much room they have or if their coop has adequate bedding or cleaning. I'll have to worry about the Fox soon enough when we start to free range in a week but today I'm not worried. And it's a great feeling.
    Thanks all at BYC for being here

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    chickens don't eat or drink at night so take the waterer in at night and just leave it in the coop during the day. If you don't have a water heater, it's easier than fighting with the ice.

    You can add just about anything in the fridge to your warm mash for a winter treat.
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  3. Hiya! So I can bring inside the water AND the food? They keep pooping in the feeder (just the way my coop came together). Even if, like tomorrow, I may not get out there until 8am? That'd be great. This hauling water is a pain in the patootie. Checking it twice a day I don't mind, I just bring out a hot gallon, pour out a gallon, add the hot water and it lasts a few hours. But that bringing out the two gallon jugs of warm water, their warm mash, and whatever other gadget I think I just have to have with me was a real balancing act. I have to climb a too-high half fence (the inner fence that lines our backyard so that the cat can't get out at the bases of the gates when we don't want him wandering the forest) through a gate that will only open half way due to the blown snow that's turned into cement. It's like a gym workout just getting to the coop with a bunch of stuff in my hands and working the gate latch (we have greyhounds and they cannot get out or they're GONE) both ways.

    If I could carry one bucket instead of two gallon jugs, I think it'd be more manageable.

    Dog forbid I make two trips, eh?

    Incidentally, it's 19F inside the coop and 11F outside. Those little girls are BTU (CTU?) generators!!!!!! I put the sensor in the nesting tunnel which has become the roosting tunnel. Whatever.

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