Warning-close coop early


9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
Austin, TX
I have seen this posted before but am posting as a reminder because of my close call.

Last night I went to lock the coop and it had been dark for about 30 minutes already. On my way out I heard an awful noise and ran out to the coop. Terrified chicken sound is terrible. Chickens were running out and guess what was clinging to the inside wire/wall? A coon. Haven't seen one around but obviously they are around. It got away before I could dispatch. All I had with me was a board. Luckily my chickens escaped harm-Rosie lost a few feathers. If I had been a couple of minutes later I would have had a dead chicken. I will definitely be changing my habits with nightime lock up. Set a trap but didn't catch anything.
On top of closing the coop early, you might want to put a have a heart trap out, because I am quite sure he will be back...why take chances if you know what I mean?
Yeppers he'll be back! We've even had predators grab chickens and turkeys during the day-through the pen. It's an on-going battle when you're in a rural area especially. Glad he left your coop empty-handed though!
I always get my girls in before night fall and never let them out until day light. Dusk and dawn are dangerous times for predator attacks.You may not see them,but they lurk in the shadows, waiting for a chance at a meal..
Some of my girls like to stay out late and i have to shoo them in the coop, for their own good...!
Coons are bad news, their my biggest threat.They just keep coming where i live. I keep trapping and killing them...good luck...
I always go in my coops too and have a look around to make sure nothing is hiding in there before I lock everyone up. We havent seen raccoons yet but I know there are around. Had one earlier this summer grab a duck that hubby didnt lock up. Now everyone is locked up before dark.
I always put the chickens up right before dark. I take my big dog out with me to inspect around the run for any signs of digging or fence damage. I look inside the coop for any possible intruders, then lock them up. Then, I turn on the ELECTRIC FENCE! Best investment I ever made!! It's already made believers out of my nosy cats, and at least one brave coyote! I also inspect the perimeter of the run in the morning, BEFORE I enter the run! I sure don't need some nasty critter running at me first thing in the morning!
Thanks for the reminder, I have been very lazy with our birds lately. Oftentimes not closing up the coop until I get home from work. Our dog is chained up right next to the coop which helps, but I will def. change my ways!
You know, I was just thinking, I never saw any kind of predator in my yard until after my dog passed away. I don't know if it was her "patroling" and taking care of her "business" out by the coop and run that kept them away or what. About 3 weeks after she passed away, there was a possum sniffing around the back porch! First time in 6 years of living here that I've seen one this close to the house.

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