WARNING !!! Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Escaped & Went on a Rampage!


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Aug 25, 2008
I got pretty startled today, while making Gump Bread dough for cinnamon rolls.

I made the dough as usual, set the 15 or so years old basic Kitchenaid stand mixer to kneading the dough and went 5 feet away. It started sounding funny, so I went back over there- and the motor head fell off the stand and went oscillating wildly around the counter! That dough hook was flailing all over. It wasn't possible to get to the switch, so I pulled the plug on it.

The pin through the "neck" of the stand had completely fallen out, allowing the motor to do it's own wild thing. I put that sucker back in with the assistance of a tack hammer, and the rolls are in the oven. My heartbeat has almost returned to normal.

Check your Kitchenaid!
lol... Ohh Ranchie,

I can just imagine. It is a good job you are so handy at fixing things.

good luck with the cooking.

My goodness...a Kitchenaid is a good brand name I always thought!!!

Who would have thought you would have to hide from an applicance.

So glad that YOU are OK.
Kitchenaid is the best! Mine is an older mixer, so that might be why. I just don't want anyone else chasing the darn thing all over- it threw dough all over the walls!

I can bake, I just can't type.
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with use...i bet those things get jiggled around...making it likely to come unhitched and flail about.

Too bad we didn't have your reaction on film...
Are we talking about my Kitchenaid mixer or my aging body, Maple??????
Did anyone yell "INCOMING" when the assault began?

That is what my DH did to me during a "kitchen incident" similar to what you are describing involving a blender though.
aaaaagh! i'll go check mine right....oh, wait. i don't have a KA!
thanks for reminding me! why doesn't someone just stick a sharp stick in my eye and call it even!

okay, i'm over my pouting. i am glad you fixed it, Ranchy-pooh.
I just bought the DH a KA Artisan and he LOVES
it! I am real happy with it too cause I get all the wonderful goddies he is now making with avengance, lol!

I am so glad you were not injured when your old faithful went haywire!
After years of use things like that are bound to happen I suppose. Be careful next time you use it and make sure it does not catch you by surprise again.

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