WARNING!!! Small Children Often Take What They Hear LITERALLY!

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    While watching the news this morning I was reminded of an incident in my childhood. I set the "Way Back Machine" for circa 1950 and remembered my family talking about going to PTA meetings, and talking about, "Well Mrs so-&-so got up and made a motion about this and Mr. so-&-so made a motion that we do that." Since children did not normally go to PTA meetings (or any other 'adult' functions) I had no frame of reference and was very disappointed when I did get to attend one (I think we were putting on a short skit or something) and found that no one was actually "making motions". I had fully expected that folks would stand up and wave their arms around thus "making motions."

    While this was a harmless misunderstanding there is a phrase that the media is using that has me worried; "falling over the fiscal cliff". Small children may not know what fiscal means, but they do know what a cliff is. One network news program even showed a picture of a cliff as a visual aid.


    That misunderstanding could create a real trauma for a child. Think about the image it could leave in the imagination of a small child.

    Please, please don't let your kinder watch programs with an adult orientation alone. Be there for them to explain that we all aren't going to fall off a cliff. [​IMG]

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    This reminds me of a time when I was just a girl (not too long ago, but it relates to this topic).

    I always heard that second hand smoke kills.

    I watched my aunt's friend pass a cigarette to my aunt. I started bawling. I thought second hand smoke was passing a cigarette from one person's hand, to another person's hand. My dad had a good laugh, but I was very embarrassed after the fact. I thought my aunt was going to die!

    So it's true. Kids do take things literally.
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    Dec 11, 2012
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    yep, as a kid I was once told to "pull my socks up" as in pick up my act and stop throwing a tantrum... I literally pulled my socks up lol

    but the fiscal cliff is a difficult one for kids to understand for sure
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    I don't know if this counts, but my dad once told my little brother to "park his butt". Sam literally tried to park his butt.
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    OldGuy you just conjured up an image of young children throwing themselves off a cliff in a lemming-like rush-------- [​IMG]
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    Mar 19, 2009
    When I was little I begged my father to take me with him the next time he went to "Monkey (Montgomery) Wards". He did and I was soo disappointed. I looked and looked, but there wasn't a monkey to be found anywhere.

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