Warning! Very graphic pictures!! -Egg bound?

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    Hi everyone. Our one-year-old Buff Orpington started acting droopy (tail pointed down) and her belly seemed a little distended on Saturday so we gave her a warm bath, kept her inside in a warm room and checked her Sunday morning. She still hadn't laid the egg, so I tried the lubed finger tactic and couldn't feel the egg. Sunday night she was getting worse and very weak; we gave her another bath, and massaged her a bit, and I noticed that the "egg" seemed a little misshapen. This morning she hadn't eaten anything and could no longer hold herself up straight. We decided that culling her would be the best option. After that, we opened her up to see where the offending "egg" was and this is what we found.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    The third picture is the first thing I found in her oviduct and what we had assumed was the misshapen egg. There was a lot more of the same sort of meaty material in her oviduct. Is it possible that these were deeloping chicks that got stuck inside her with no shell developed?
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    Looks like she was internally laying.. Lots of egg gunk backs up and solidifies and looks like that when you necropsy them. Poor thing! Culling was the right thing to do.
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    Boy that second pic sure looks like a chick. At least the general outline/shape.
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    We had a hen pass this morning. I found this thread looking for answers as to why a hen would just die. I haven't noticed any thing out of the norm with my girls but when my wife went to check on them this morning, she found one of our marans was dead in the hen house with what appears to be the same kind of mass that you posted pictures of hanging out of her cloaca. Thank you for making this post.

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