Warren, less than 18 months, acting drunk, sneezing

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    Jun 7, 2011
    So, for a while now we have noticed one of our Warren's acting drunk, sneezing and being active in bursts but then standing still for a while. She is a rescue battery hen who was acting normally for ages until one day we noticed her becoming off balance. She isn't underweight, she seems to eat regularly, but obviously has trouble standing and leaning down. When she walks forward it takes her a while to stop, and if she looses balance, she stretches out a wing to stop herself. The other birds (we have 8) peck at her and this makes her fall, she can't have a dust bath without falling over and giving up. Also, she sneezes, not regularly, but in bursts of about 3. We noticed her beak is a little off centred, but aren't sure if it was always like that, and she sometimes holds her wings higher up on her back than usual.

    She's been this way for over a week now and none of the others show the same signs. We can't see any injuries or stiffness and we don't know how it happened, her tail is kept high and she doesn't tuck in her neck. The girls are allowed in the garden every few days or so to have a bath or eat some grass and she has begun to take longer to join the rest of the girls, sitting for a while in the enclosure first. She has moved down the pecking order quite a lot since showing signs of trouble.

    She eat regular scratch, they used to have a bit of lettuce, but that gave them the runs (oops) so we cut that down, and they occasionally have breads (my mum insists) and she drinks regularly as well. Her poop is normal, can't tell it apart from the others, but may be a bit runnier. We also began to get weird textured eggs (calcium deposits?) weeks before she showed symptoms, so we added something to the feed (can't remember the name of it right now) to help and it seems to have done, but we don't know if they were her eggs that were bumpy and thin. We hope to treat her ourselves as we can't afford a vet at the moment, and as we don't know what is wrong, we don't know ho to treat her yet. All our girls are kept in an enclosure, maybe about 3x4 yards and 5 feet high, with a coop inside with straw and cardboard flooring, 2 nesting boxes and a platform for them to sleep.

    We are very worried and hope we can do something, her condition hasn't worsened but has only improved slightly over the last couple of days, with her acting slightly less unbalanced.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions [​IMG]

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