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    So basically, I’ve always wondered what would happen if “the three” had never happened and if Ivypool never left the dark forest. It might be confusing but basically Ivypool is chosen as the new “leader” of the dark forest after she managed to kill Brokenstar. She’s still alive and in Thunderclan. At this point, the last hope hasn’t happened so Firestar is still alive. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing don’t have any powers and are just ordinary warriors. Dovewing was just always praised during apprenticeship since she still has her amazing hunting and fighting skills. Hawkfrost still recruited her and everything. The only difference is that she doesn’t figure out that their lying to her and her clan doesn’t know she goes there. Overtime I guess she becomes blinded by her jealousy and accepts the fact the clans should be destroyed. She then gets trained by Mapleshade who becomes her mother figure. Btw Mapleshade sees her as her own kit since she lost hers(mapleshade’s revenge). Now Ivypool is the new leader and is doing the planning which become revealed later on. Anyways, enjoy and be honest... :lau


    The sound of shrieks and claws faded in the background as a massive dark tabby turned to face the striped silver she-cat standing in front of him.

    “Ivypool,” he growled, dipping his head towards her. “Or should I say Ivystar?”

    The she-cat hissed at him, swiping her claws across his muzzle.

    “You may have been my mentor once, but don’t think that you’re stronger than me, Hawkfrost!” She fur bristled as she glared at him defiantly.

    “Of course not,” Hawkfrost forced his fur to lie flat but Ivypool didn’t miss the glint of fear in his ice blue eyes.

    “Good. Now go train the new apprentices, and don’t let me down.” She whisked away, back into the midst of cries.

    As soon as she reached the river, Ivypool stared down at the slimy dark water, remembering her apprentice days. Those days of envying Dovepaw and training harder used to seem worthless. But now she was the powerful one, she was going to be known as Ivystar— the first cat to ever take control of the clans…

    “Ivypool!” A old tortoiseshell she-cat padded towards her and she snapped out of the trance.

    “Mapleshade!” Ivypool quickly rushed towards her, purring.

    Mapleshade was like Ivypool’s second mother. She had trained Ivypool after Hawkfrost and guided her during her moons of being in the Dark Forest.

    “How’s the plan coming along?” Mapleshade asked, brushing her tail along Ivypool’s flank.

    “It’s going well I suppose. We’ll have to recruit more clan cats, but it’s nearing Mapleshade.” Ivypool growled. “We’ll have our revenge soon, and we’ll teach them what being a warrior truly means!”
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    It's been awhile since I've read the Warriors... Not even sure if I finished the series, but I think these two chillins still read.
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    It’s crazy how addicting and far the series have gotten, the newest book is coming out in 3 days!
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    on a major memory trip
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    I was summoned.

    This story deserves a calp
    *calp calp calp*
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    I haven't read warriors much, but I love the idea.
    @PollyGirl21 on the other hand...
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    Thank you *bow*
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    *Calp clap calp*
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    I read da whole thing, but started in third grade so I didn't know the first series from the second one.

    Unfortunately I could never imagine the cats back in the old territories so I never read the first series. I never finished the most recent series that is still being worked on because I got bored of the whole warriors repetition.
    So long story short, I read that far but don't remember more than the key details and Jayfeather being my favorite character of all time.

    Good story. Could use more "show don't tell" and fun little things like that and less action. I love when an author humorously makes references to things unrelated. Because this doesn't have to be warriors, this be your work.
    Anyways I can't say all that. I don't think there is enough story line for me to criticize.

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