Was a beautiful but sad day here at my house...

Attack Chicken

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Sep 25, 2008
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Today I decided to take my splash wyandotte bantam pullet Diamond to the vet to be put down. She was hatched towards the end of April of last year. In her whole lifetime she only laid 2 eggs, and she was an inside bird. In Sept. of 09 she began to have seizures and her legs would stiffen up and soon not able to stand. A month went by with lots of care and love she got better. She was able to get up and run around like all the other chickens. Then one day she went downhill again with another seizure and she never got better after that. She was a fighter all the way. I could tell she never wanted to give up so I never gave up on her. Just a month ago she started having seizures more often, she would be eating,drinking or just sitting there and then they hit her. At the start of March they started everyday and becoming harder for her. My mother called the vet this morning and took her up there and the vet gave her the shot. She fell asleep and it was done. I can't believe it. I lost another one this year. She was just as special as the last 3 girls I've lost. She was the first chicken I have hatched myself I have lost and not to mention the prettiest chick. My mother told me what the vet said and I guess I made the right choice for my Diamond, but it still seems like I could of done more for her, I just don't know what... Rest in Peace my little Diamond. I'll miss you as much as my other girls.

Back in late July of last year

I have more pictures of her but can't upload them because of space.

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Feb 9, 2007
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She was so pretty, I really am so very sorry. I'm sure she felt how loved she was. You know alot of chickens come into this world never feeling that, she was a lucky girl to have you for a chicken mama.

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