Was anyone else surprised by how much they like their chickens?

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  1. I had chickens as a kid. I liked them. They were fun to play with, dropped lovely feathers, and well, I guess that was it. They moved into our yard after being abandoned by neighbors, so I am not even sure what they were.

    Now that I am cleverly disguised as a responsible adult and can do what I want, my roomies and I decided we should get chickens. We wanted to be more self sufficient (and I was running low on feathers I collected years ago) We had land and permission.

    Of course they are cute when they are little; who wouldn't like them then? But I was surprized by how much I like the adult birds. I really enjoy them. I like just having them in the yard, I love how they come running when I call them and carefully take food from my hand. My room mates feel the same way (that's why they let me order more!)

    We just really didn't expect to like them so much. I expected to be fond of individuals, of course, but I love them as a unit and I miss them when I can't spend time with them.
    Anyone else out there amazed by how much they just seem to make life better?
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  2. I was taken off guard by how attached I was to my flock of gals as well. As baby's they were adorable and we loved spending time with them now that they are 2 month's old I adore their personality's but really, they get on my last nerve with the squacking and mess and smell. On the other hand when they are in the garden... I love them again lol. Can you tell I can't wait for them to be outside birdies lol.
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    May I add my resounding YES to this thread????

    I knew I'd name 'em. I knew I wouldn't be able to process any, ANY time, ever. I will have a Home for Old Hens eventually.

    BUT... dang, each chicken is different. Even those of the same breed. I didn't expect that. I love each and every one of 'em.

    I talk to them; they tell me stories. I feed them; they give me eggs. (The rooster just makes me laugh, or smile fondly. He's pretty darned handsome and gentlemanly. After he got over that "peck my blue Crocs" bit.) The adolescent chickens who aren't laying yet hang out in a gang together, but occasionally mingle with the Big Chickens - especially when I have treats for all. Or they'll come running in a line towards me when I approach their hang-out.

    Almost all of my chickens eat out of my hands when I give them certain treats. I bonk Greta with a finger (gently) when she tries to chase off a lower ranking girl. She grumps at me about it, but stops. Matilda follows me around more than the others, chattering away the whole time. Bernadette jumps into my lap when I sit in the chair I keep in the run.

    The babies in the brooder(s) are adorable, and as they grow, they demonstrate new, individual traits. I always congratulate them when they learn to hop/fly to the edge of the brooder for a look-around. I can hardly wait to put them outside to watch them develop even more personality traits.

    Yes, I am smitten by chickens. Especially by my own.

    I also find that I LOOK for chickens free-ranging in yards (or anywhere, along roadsides, etc.) when I'm out driving. I like seeing coops, but I love seeing the free range chickens and roosters going about their business.
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    Kinda, I love all my pets, but I was suprised by how much they liked me back! I'm used to mice that prefer to be in their cage untouched, rats that would be lovey for like 10 minutes then want to do their own thing. Chickens are content to be with you all day long [​IMG]
  5. Yeah, I think thats what I like best about the chickens- they are always so happy to see me! They come RUNNING when I call and just wander around near me even when I don't have treats. Of course the dogs do too, but there is just something about a flock of chickens that makes you feel... accomplished? Like I am doing something good. I have these happy chickens, and they not only feed me, but they like me.
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    Yes Yes Yes, when I first got chickens around last August they were given to my by my Father in law and most were at point of lay. I kept them in the coop always, never letting them out, feeding them the occasional treats, that was it, never thought to much about them. I liked to watch them in the coop. But then one day I decided to let them out of the coop with a close eye on my dog, skeeter. Skeeter kept his distance, and turns out is just fine with his chicken friends. But something amazing happened. The chickens personalities grew, and I fell in love and even named them. Sally loves to sit with me in my chair, Pesky followed/s me around constantly, Tailfeather always clucking about. They were so different in personality.

    I decided that in the Spring I would order 2 Easter Egger chicks, I was so excited to get them, well 2 turned into 8 chicks, and then I hatched a handful of chicks, then ordered more and more. Now I am up to 36 chicks and chickens.

    I do like chicks, but love them so much more when they are laying and their personalities really emerge and they decide I am not so bad in fact I bring treats, and lots of them. Nothing better then to see fluffy plump chickens running straight for me!

    gryeyes- I also love to look for chickens in peoples backyards, it makes me happy!

    It's one of my goals to encourage my family in friends into raising chickens, and I am happy to report 2 successes.
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    I was really surpised that I kept liking my chickens after their little fluffy stage. Even my kids (1,4, and 6) have kept their love and interest in the chickens. We're out there all the time talking to them and feeding them treats. I thought that I could tolerate them just fine as long as they eventually started laying eggs for me. Now I want to have twice as many as my city allows and have a little egg business [​IMG] I guess for now we'll be satisfied with the 8 we have.

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    May 14, 2010
    [​IMG] Yes I am very suprised at how much I love our little chickens...my husband has always wanted to get them and we kept putting it off, year after year..we live in a double city lot, not a farm, and I didn't think chickens would be happy here or that we could house them. But he just came home with a box of them, little peeping fuzz balls, and of course our 2 boys, ages 11 and 13, and I, fell in love with them immediately. We handled and played with them every day and they grew and Grew and GREW....Now they are nearly 6 weeks old and are such busy girls. They run and romp and rummage in our fenced yard, and they love their little Chicken Tractor/Coop that DH built with the boys' help. They all have their own little personalities and amusing mannerisms, and they are so sweet when you come out to see them with treats, the way they rush up to greet you with their little fluffy butts held high and proud! When people ask me "Why chickens?" I'll have to answer, "Why NOT chickens?"
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    I grew up on a farm with chickens, and they were pretty much "just chickens". There were a couple that were a little bit friendly, and there were the roosters that would sometimes attack me.

    After being farm-free for many years, we got some chicks last year. I spent a ton of time with them when they were babies. All eight are named individuals to me (including the 3 packing peanuts we didn't originally intend to keep, but couldn't bear to part with.) They each have their own personalities and voices, and I was surprised how much I love them. My partner and I are both turning into crazy chicken people. He's more about the gadgets - setting up a webcam so we can keep an eye on the when we're at work, designing an awesome aluminum framed run, fencing the yard for safety. I do more of the snuggling and visiting with them. They've really brightened up our lives, and they're a lot like having children.
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    May 5, 2010
    Surprised doesn't begin to describe it. Even MORE surprising is how much my boys love to go play with the chickens. Especially my 7 y.o. He has ADHD BAD, but can stand and watch those birds for hours. They like them so much that I got them 8 more little BSL's last night at the local auction. My wife finally reached the "just shake the head" moment. I believe that put me over 50, and we started with 6 the day after Easter. Surprised? Uh, YEAH!

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