Was never a "bird person" til I found some eggs in my yard...now I'm crazy about these kids!


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Jun 15, 2017
Suzanne here in East Central Florida, living on a tiny "lakefront" (aka retention pond) lot in a subdivision. I've always put cracked corn out for the resident ducks, but never considered myself a bird fancier. I've been in animal rescue for years, but more geared toward the furry critters like cats, bunnies, etc.

Anyway, one of the resident lake ducks laid 4 eggs right out in the open area of my lawn by the lake edge about 10 weeks ago. It was pouring down rain that morning when I saw them from my porch--looked like 4 golf balls out there in the grass. Mom was nowhere in sight, and I knew that the coons or crows would make quick work of them if I didn't scoop them up. So this non-bird girl was off to Tractor Supply for an incubator and egg turner and any insight in what the heck I was getting myself into. All I can say is thank Heaven I found this website. I became that crazy woman cancelling vacations cuz I didnt want to leave those eggs unattended, trying to candle with a flashlight in the hall closet, sleeping in the floor beside the bator when I saw the first internal pips! Pleased to say that somehow 2 of the 4 eggs produced healthy Saxony ducklings (Henry and Lulu) who have now become the loves of my life.


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