Was this "flip?" (no photos)


9 Years
Dec 8, 2010
West Denver Burbs
Received an order of 25 Freedom Ranger chicks on Friday. The 26th chick was lying on its back, with its head turned around and its legs were clawing at the air. It seemed like there was something wrong with its neck that caused its head to twist around so it was on its back but its head was upright. The chick's eyes were also closed however they did open up when I tried to feed it some sugar water and vitamin mixture with a dropper. The chick died shortly after this last-ditch attempt to save it, likely from the water going down its airway.

Any explanation or thoughts on what this was would be helpful. In case this happens again, if anyone knows how to save a chick from this condition, that would be appreciated.



Chickens: a lesson in impermanence...
The chick couldve possibly been injured during shipment. Also, it couldve been genetically a weak bird and just couldnt make it....unfortunately sometimes these things happen. Sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry for your loss

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