was told it was the barred ones were barred rock but... also pics of the entire flock


Apr 16, 2015
She seems to be getting a muff around the bottom of her beak. Barred rocks don't have muffs right?
I know she has EE as I have a white EE roo that's the same age. No muff on him though (was in denial it was a roo til it started trying to crow this afternoon) if she could be an EE what color eggs might she lay?

Yep, definitely not a barred rock. How old is it? The color eggs it may lay if it is a pullet is entirely random, since EE lay a variety of colors.

These are my3 oldest ones. The black is an austroloup I believe. the white and barred the the EE? White is the one that is crowing.
Thst are around 9weeks.
The egg color depends solely on the egg color of the parents. If you bred your EE yourself then you probably know the colors that the parents produce?
-If you breed a brown-egger to another brown-egger, you will get a brown-egger whose shade of brown is somewhere in between the shades of the parents.
-If you breed a blue-egger to a blue-egger, you will get a blue-egger.
-If you breed a blue-egger to a brown-egger, you will get some shade of green-egger.
-If you breed a blue-egger to a chocolate (super dark brown)-egger, you will get an olive-egger.
This is all based on the fact that the pigmentation of a brown egg is just a coating of "paint" applied within the hen to a white egg shell, and a blue egg shell is solid blue all the way through. Add a coat of brown to a blue shell and you get green, and so on.
They are all mixes- the black one has a pea comb. Apparently they have something like EE roo in flock of various breeds.

Unfortunately the barred is a boy for sure, the white too... and it looks like the black one is probably a boy too but post a full body picture of that one because it is always a mistake to go by comb alone.
Oh I hope not. :( really was hoping the barred was a pullet. One of my younger pullet has way more white to it then this one and the white roo is SO mean to that one. So I was assuming they were 2 roo's

My crazy white boy.

My big sweetie.. Seriously this is the sweetest thing ever. Better temperament then most dogs I've met.

These are my younger ones.

Silver polish. about 4weeks old

My little Barred. about 4 weeks. This is the one the crazy white one was picking on bad today. I had to separate them.

Black polish about 5 weeks.

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