Was wondering how squeakers stay warm w/o any down feathers

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by chickenzoo, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I know they have a little bit of fuzz..... But not like a chicken chick. I often see the parents to some of the squeakers lolly gagging around the feeders...... Sitting in the sun..... Little squeaker shivering in the cold...... How do they stay warm besides shivering....

    Im feeding a squeaker a that got beat up, so it just got me thinking... Lol

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    Anyone? [​IMG]
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    Most pairs will continue to 'brood' the squeakers until they start on the next round of eggs. Some pairs have a relatively short 'turn around' period and will start a new clutch earlier than others. In these instances early squabs may become chilled and die. I have actually had some cocks that would brood the squabs at night while the hens were setting on the new eggs.
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    The parents usually sit on the babies until their pin feathers pop open and even then they may sit on them some, especially if it's cold outside. The babies keep each other warm in the meantime, while the parents are eating and such. Some are better and more dedicated parents than others.

  5. deerman

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    yes most will set untill the young feather out.......

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