Wash it off or leave alone?


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Oct 30, 2010
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One of my week old TSC Red pullets has what can only be described as a stinger on it's butt. Its probably just dried poo. She's not stopped up, and I don't want to hurt her if it's not poo. But it does appear to be getting longer. Is she old enough to have her butt washed, or should I leave it alone for now? The others peck at it, but it doesn't want to come off.

Suggestions please...
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Funny I just had this same question this morning. Here is a link to some responses. Yes! It looked like a stinger. My son said its the tail...haha. It was poop. Mine were not backed up either. Glad I got it off. They seem happier. I did it in the laundry tub with a tiny dessert dish and held the bottom in the warm water. It dissolved. Here is the link.....

I just had to bathe my <1 week old isa brown chick's booty. The others were picking at her wet fluff something fierce so I blew her dry and fluffed her down with a toothbrush. She didn't protest too much but it was pretty silly.
Yes, DEFINITELY wash it off and try to dry them gentlt. It can actually close off their vent and kill them.
Been gettin a lot of practice washing fuzzy butts, I don't like to
do it but, it beats them not living if I don't.
I think the stinger look comes from where the poop sticks to the tail feathers,
mine also has some below the vent
Usually, if it`s poo, it`s a condition called "Pasty Butt". Believe it or not, pasty butt is caused by constipation. If it persists, the cure is mollasses in their drinking water. Mollasses is a natural lazative for fowl and should be mixed in their water to look like weak tea. One day is all that is needed. Wash their butts first. Good luck.........Pop
If it looks like a string, it may actually be an umbilical cord. I had this on 2/12 chicks last September. Thought it was poo, consulted on here, got the chick all soaked only to realize it was an umbilical cord. I'd give it another day if it's not blocked up.....just to be sure.
Do what the mother hen would do--pull it off--some fuzz will come but it'll grow back.

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