Washed, Fluffed and Puffed!

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    Sep 5, 2008
    I had a mini salon set up in my kitchen last night to get two birds ready to show this weekend. Turned out to be a funny experience. I started with the pullet as she is a true sweetie and her brother was next.

    I had three 5 gallon buckets set up with very warm water, the first with Pantene shampoo added. The second was a clear water rinse bucket and the third was a bucket of water mixed with some Pantene conditioner.

    They were filled to mid neck level. I went out and got the pullet and set her into the bucket of water which was resting in the sink. Her eyes got big and she made a funny sound. I sure wish I could tell what it meant! So I scrubbed away for awhile, took her out and did a rinse dunk then into the conditioner water and then another rinse. I set her on the counter and wrapped her in a towel. She never flapped, flopped or struggled through the bucket brigade.

    Next test was the hair dryer! [​IMG]

    I switched it on away from her and she just seemed curious so then I began blow drying her. She seemed happy and the only problem I had with her is she wants to snuggle so I had to keep pushing her back away from me. While drying she would also begin to preen her own feathers. It took a while to dry her but before long she was done.

    I had cages set up in my basement as it is below zero in Vermont. I had to bring in my black giant cockerel as well to keep his comb from freezing. He saw the clean pullet and began strutting his stuff in his crate. She coo'ed and made funny sounds and began scratching in the fresh shavings. I went and got her brother.

    Same deal except he was dirtier than she was (poo poo butt). But he was fine as well and did some rooster dance sounds while being washed. He seemd to really enjoy the hair dryer and his comb and face were bright scarlet red. He was a complete poof of feathers when done! He has a butt cushion to rival a plump laying hen's feathers.

    Both of them did something I hadn't seen them do since they were chicks. They did that wiggle-squat thing that chicks do to poop rather than stand and plop. It was funny. [​IMG]

    So they are squeaky clean now and my basement is crowing.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Branch, La
    How sweet! What, no pics to show them off to us?? I'll bet they are just fluffy and beautiful. I bought a couple of new Silkies this past weekend, and one of them is needing a bath very badly. I guess I'll be doing that also this week. I love how they look after a bath. But ya gotta show us some pics..........[​IMG]

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    Sep 5, 2008
    I'll try and get some pics today, both of my camera cards were at work on my desk. [​IMG]

    I wanted to get a sudsy bath photo too! Next time for that I guess. They really looked funny with bubbles in their tufts. [​IMG]

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