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    Mar 13, 2010
    This isn't an emergency, just icky. My big Columbian Wyandotte seems to have been pooped upon by her friends. She must have been under the perch at the wrong moment. Her shoulders and back are covered in poop! [​IMG] Since we're in Wisconsin and don't expect above freezing temperatures for another month or three, I'm reluctant to get her too wet. I took a damp cloth and tried to wash her outer feathers which was only marginally successful. Evening is approaching, so I left her alone to roost in peace. Should I take any action tomorrow? Will a sand bath help her? Any ideas? Thanks. ~~~Cindy in Wisconsin
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    You could bring her in tomorrow and give her a good bath, then blow dry her on low heat... but if it's really cold you might risk her getting a chill. Might just watch for a few days to see if she can take care of it herself.
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    I would definitely reccomend washing her. My hens llooovvee baths and the drying off/snuggling/house treats afterwards. I just bathed one of my hens today that's had a problem with getting her feathered feet mucked up. Some warm water and baby shampoo work wonders. Then I usually blow dry on low until they're almost dry. Then you've got two options, I just let mine have the run of the house for the rest of the day [​IMG] (I wash them early in the morning and they're spoiled ROTTEN) or you can put them in a dog kennel or some kind of enclosure inside, with a space heater running on one side of the cage so they can get in and out of the heat as they please. Good luck!

    ETA: Mine are always dry by the time night falls, although they do heavily protest when they have to go back in the coop after a day of pampering.
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    Sorry to disagree. I would not wash her in those temps. She will preen constantly and get it off herself. If you bathe/blow dry her inside it may shock her going in and out of the temperature fluctuation. It is not hurting her to have the poop....she'll get it off.
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    Nov 25, 2010
    I wouldn't wash her unless you can keep her in overnight. Unless it warms up and suns up a lot. And..I always use the Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to bath them. It really cleans them, its gentle and it also loves to get rid of little buggies like mites (even if you don't see them yet). [​IMG] It has to be the original Blue Dawn.

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