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Buffy, my Buff Orpington, started laying yesterday. Got my second egg this morning. She lays in the nesting box and everything, sometime after 9:00am (I checked this morning about 9).

Here's a pic:

And compared to a commercial Large egg:

I'm wondering - do ya'll wash the eggs before putting them in the fridge? If so, do you just rinse them with water, or do you use a soap of any kind?
IF mine have any dirt or poo on them (which is very rare) I use a moist papertowel to rub off the dirt. Other then that reason, I do not wash my eggs. The bloom that is on the eggs when laid provide a barrier against germs, etc.
There is no need to wash an egg if it is not covered in mud or poo. An egg is layed with a protective film, called the 'Bloom',which helps to keep bacteria out of the egg. Washing an egg removes the bloom, and potentially pushes bacteria on the shell INTO the egg, as shells are porous to allow evaporation during incubation.

If you choose or need to wah an egg, it is recomended to rinse it with warm water (warmer or as warm as, the egg) and gently rub or scrape any debris off. Hard scrubbing is not reccomended.

I never wash mine, if they are really gross, I scramble them for my hens, if theyre just kinda gunky, I scrape it off with a fingernail or soft toothbrush, and toss it in the fridge.

Congrats on the egg, btw, its gorgeous!! How bout posting some pics of the proud hen?

ETA- you dont have to refidgerate fresh eggs right away, or at all, depending on how long they sit before use. There was a day when there was no refrigeration, and folks just kept their eggs in a basket on the counter. I think they stay edible up to 2 weeks, but I'm not 100% on the time frame.
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If mine are messy, i set them aside in a basket on my counter, and i wash them in very warm water right before i use them. This supposedly pushes the germs out when the egg expands (as opposed to washing in cold water, which would do the opposite). Other than that, i never wash an egg, and i don't sell any eggs that have been or need to be washed.
Thanks for the info on "bloom". I didn't know about that. Good info!

Here's another pic of the egg:


And here's Buffy the egglayer and her younger compatriots playing in the side yard:

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